Thursday, 15 January 2009

Split Amongst The Tory Ranks - Wonder Why?

Following my post about an organisation called Solace, commented on by Mark Wadsworth who mentioned that the last available accounts showed it had received £20million of taxpayers money, it appears there may be 'dissent in the ranks'.

Graham Taylor of Solace says "We are perplexed about the differing views of people on the ground who recruit and decide wage levels of chief executives, and national politicians....."

Er, Mr Taylor - 'people on the ground who recruit and decide wage levels of chief executives' and 'chief executives' are one and the same, in that the majority, possibly all, of serving board members of Solace Enterprises are past and present local authority chief executives. And as for 'national politicians' - who implemented the 'system' whereby public servants of local authorities could then set up a company to recruit and set pay levels for local authority executives and senior management? 

Just because a 'politician' has proposed something that may negate your self-perpetuating, self-preservating, self-recruiting and pay-rise system, you then call 'foul'?

By the way, you are not the same Graham Taylor - ex-England Football Manager - or related to him are you? The reason I ask is that the ex-England football manager was considered to be a 'turnip-head' too!

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