Monday, 26 January 2009

EU Creep

As the government was warned, Justice and Home Affairs was one of the areas in which acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty would make the biggest difference to people in this country. Courtesy of Dick Puddlecote I now find encroachment of our liberties is gathering pace with the publication of this latest EU Council decision.

As a mark of courtesy I will frame my initial response to this snippet of news in an approximation of 'Eurospeak' thus:

Having regard to the European Union, our membership of which I have never been given the option of expressing an opinion;

Having regard to the proposal from the Commission, who can propose what they wish as it does not necessarily follow that I will accept said proposal;

Having regard to the Opinion of the European Parliament, whose opinion will be ignored as logic dictates that opinions issued by inmates of a mental institution cannot be taken seriously;

Whereas the whole structure of the European Union's organisation, attitudes, and beliefs is total anathema to me;

The Decision of this person is that the Commission take their document entitled '14571/08 Interinstitutional File: 2008/0101 (CNS)' and cut it into strips 4.4 inches wide. Once that has happened it should be passed to the European Parliament who should then ensure each strip is perforated at 4.8 inch intervals. The final act required is that the President of the European Parliament should roll up each perforated strip ready for deployment in sanitary usage.

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