Sunday, 6 September 2009

Bucking(ham) The Convention

The Telegraph mentions that Nigel Farage was interviewed by Andrew Marr today and other than stating Nigel Farage made the claim that 'most Conservatives Party members really think like Ukip' and want withdrawal from the EU, whilst also making the valid point that the Conservative leadership would really rather not discuss Europe; the article just rehashes details of the events of the last few days - but then this is the Telegraph, so we should not expect too much in the way of 'journalism'!

Nigel Farage's interview with Andrew Marr can be viewed here and commences 6 minutes 2 seconds in.

Another interesting point is that Mike Smith, Political Betting, is reporting that Farage's 'odds' have moved from an initial 4/1 to 10/3 and quotes a Ladbrokes spokesman saying: “If money talks the speaker is in trouble. We’ve taken more bets on Buckingham in the last 72 hours than most of the other constituencies combined - and it’s all for Farage.”

The Conservative Party have had 'fun' of late, castigating Gordon Brown for his 'silence' on the 'Megrahi/Oil Affair' and that the 'details' are having to be 'dragged' from him.

Now, what with the Conservative statement that they would not let matters rest there - were the Lisbon Treaty to be ratified on their assuming office - that as there will be no official Conservative candidate standing in Buckingham at the General election Conservative Party members will be free to vote for whom they like,that the minute an EU topic comes up on ConservativeHome the majority of comments are anti-EU (something I am sure the press will pick-up on), that as Farage reiterates, the Conservative leadership would really rather not discuss 'Europe' , this begs a question:

Is David Cameron and the Conservative Party not going to have to 'come off the fence' and open their Pandora's Box - aka EU membership? Failure to do so could well lead them to 'doing a Brown' - aka 'digging a pit for themselves'.

Just a thought, on a quiet Sunday evening.........

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Anonymous said...

I don't believe Cameron's anti-EU.

Farage's latest gambit will be a serious thorn in Cameron's side; he will have to come clean.

Go Farage!