Sunday, 6 September 2009

Teaching The Teachers

Just about everyone in the land, be they parent or not, is firmly convinced that the standard of our education system has probably reached a new nadir.

Proof of this must be the fact that the Department of Children, Schools and Families have just issued a new manual to teachers explaining the difference between nouns, verbs and adjectives - according to this report in the Sunday Telegraph.

An explanatory note to the manual states that 'These training materials are not for use with children', which is hardly surprising as we would not want the teachers to lose face, would we?

This must surely be proof - even to the 'Ed' of the Department - that 'Education, Education, Education' - in its present form - really is ' Balls!

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Miss Whistleblower said...

It used to be the case that report-writing brought to light any shortcomings in the grammatical knowledge of teachers. An error spotted by the proof-reader would mean rewriting the offending report and a chance to learn from the mistake.

Now that reports can be composed using IT on a cut-and-paste basis, a teacher barely capable of punctuating a simple sentence can go undetected for years.