Saturday, 5 September 2009

Does Jack Straw Know Which Way The Wind Is Blowing?

The 'interview' given by Jack Straw in today's Daily Telegraph has prompted much comment - comment raising contradictions in what he said compared to the statements of Gordon Brown and David Miliband, a point picked up by David Blackburn on coffeehouse, who poses the question why now?

When considering Jack Straw's political 'history' it is important to note that he always seems to know 'which way the wind is blowing' well before others, meaning he must be, or would seem to be, an astute fellow, in that he seems to have prospered under different Leaders of the Labour Party.

The question that arises, therefore, is why has Jack Straw decided to publicly 'humiliate' Gordon Brown by, in effect, stating that Brown and Miliband 'lied' over the Megrahi/oil/trade deal?

Maybe there is a 'plot' as suggested in this article, also in the Daily Telegraph, to dispose of Gordon Brown

Has Jack Straw detected a change in wind direction or has he received a 'secret' long range weather forecast?

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