Saturday, 13 June 2009

Chris Bryant - Brain Dead Politician

Have just discovered that Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant has suggested the Red Cross symbol be changed as it risks undermining the work of humanitarian organizations and, presumably, may cause offense to Arabic nations with an unintended reference to the Crusades. Knowing the mindset of people like Bryant it won't just be changed, but no doubt banned!

It is well known that non-solid matter can solidify and form a crystallized state through which light, when passing, is caused to 'bend' or 'warp'. It would appear that Bryant's brain has indeed crystallized as his thought process, of which the above is but the latest example, has indeed proved 'warped'.

If one follows Bryant's 'reasoning' - and the word is used in its loosest sense - then perhaps he needs to realize that he - and the party to which he belongs - causes offense to the British electorate with every passing day and will, therefore, at the earliest opportunity be changed, even banned!

Like just about every Labour minister and the present Prime Minister, Bryant exhibits that unfortunate trait of showing that he has attained a position far above the ability he actually possesses.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

That's a tautology.