Thursday, 11 June 2009

Randall 'Does' Labour & Brown

Jeff Randall, writing in his column for the Daily Telegraph, lays into the Labour Party and, more importantly, our Dear Leader.

As William Hague may be to the spoken word, so is Jeff Randall to the written word. In so being, Randall has the ability to deeply wound.

"Mr Farage is an engaging maverick who says the Prime Minister "devalued democracy" by ramming through the Lisbon Treaty. Britain's increasingly Eurosceptic voters seem to agree."

"Having told us that he had saved the world, Mr Brown was unable to save face on home turf."

"We, the British people, were conned by a duplicitous administration that talks about "listening to what voters have to say", but has no intention of taking any notice."

Delightful, just delightful!

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