Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Been out all day and having done a quick 'round' of the blogosphere, most of what needed saying seems to have been said - so no posts today, other than to say:

Greatly disappointed to read of the 'outing' of Nightjack and the 'double standards' exhibited by the Times newspaper. Presumably we will no longer read in the Times that 'a cabinet minister said' or 'a Lib/Lab/Con Member of Parliament told me'........

Yet we all know that we will, as were the newspaper to 'name' their political sources said jounalists would find themselves cast out of the Westminster bubble; a non-existent fear when writing about one individual who has managed to scoop a prize normally given to one in the journalistic/writing field.

It is recalled not too long ago that these journalists were castigating MPs, through the 'improper' use of expenses, for creating a 'us and them' society.

So, Times' journalists, are you one of us - or one of them?

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