Thursday, 25 June 2009

Crackpot Socialist Education Policies

In ever anyone needed anything to prove to them that this government's education policy is named after the current Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families (or whatever title he uses) this report must be all that is needed. It is almost as if, in the dying days of their hold on power, they realise that one crackpot scheme has failed so they replace it with another.

"Good schools will be expected to federate with lower-performing schools to help them improve."

So straight away the good schools will be dragged down to the level of the lower-performing schools - brilliant! If this idiotic government truly wished to give head teachers power they would hand the funds and complete autonomy to those head teachers and let them choose how they spent it and what curriculum they wished to follow.

Digressing, can we expect the little man in the big chair to now haul the man who is all balls in name and deed in front of him to explain why this has been 'leaked' prior to an announcement in the House?

And another thing - it must be difficult for those MPs, sitting a distance from Speaker's chair and whose view of him is obscured by the Clerks and their table, to ascertain whether Bercow is actually sitting or standing. Perhaps Bercow could get a stool to stand on?

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