Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Do They Get It? Obviously Not!

When speaking, before the first vote in the 'Speakership Auction', Parmjit Dhanda asked his fellow MPs 'Had they got it' - the answer being obviously not, if this report is true.

For all the talk of 'trans-pair-ency' - as our Dear Leader will persist in pronouncing the word - and promises to redact fewer details made by Harriet Harman, another self-deluded idiot, it seems that MP's second home addresses will not be released. To his credit, David Cameron has agreed to publish those details of the Shadow Cabinet and will no doubt ensure his MPs follow suit in due course.

The reported course of action will just increase public anger and one can but wonder at the thought processes of a government that is terminally ill, knows it, continues to deny the fact, yet refuses to face the electorate and be humanely put out of its misery.

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