Thursday, 25 June 2009

Conservative MP Repayments

The list of further repayments by Conservative MPs, following the work of the Conservative Party Scrutiny Panel, has now been published.

So Bill Cash is still an MP - having claimed the £15,000 to pay his daughter rent for her London Flat, despite owing a home which was closer to Westminster?

Julie Kirkbridge, having been put in a situation where she had to state she would not stand again for Parliament over false claims, only has £701.04 to repay?

This is 'Conservative Justice'?

Anyway it is academic really as, like the Labour Party, the Conservative Party may find that the electorate will mete out their own 'justice', come the General election, resulting in a hung parliament with some new MPs from what LibLabCon like to call 'minor' parties, except they won't be 'minor parties' any longer - will they?

Update: Cameron tries to cover up the variance in 'punishments'

Update 2: Maybe Cameron is relying on the apathy of the electorate if this poll is anything to go by. He should however take note of the percentage who have said repayment does not absolve blame and will influence future voting intentions.

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