Monday, 29 June 2009

Relaunch Of The SS Brown

This must be Mark ?? in the sequence of re-launches that Gordon Brown has attempted, to bolster his career, his Premership and his government. His speech to the House of Commons can be viewed here.

Yet again it is a rehash of ideas previously announced, ideas 'nicked from the Tories, or even UKIP on previous occassions, and is remoniscent of the Communist regimes who used to use exactly the same ploy - repackage old ideas as new policy.

Carbon capture and storage 'demonstrations' - nicked of the Tories from their Conference in 2007. Mind you, green jobs are costs, not benefits as this report shows. It also shows studies are based on arbitrary assumptions and use faulty methodologies to create an unreliable forecast fo tht e future of green jobs.

Simplification of immigration rules (which only appy to non-EU nationals) - announced originally last year.

One-to-one tuition - NHS 'check-ups' - announced last year.

The Constitutional Renewal Bill - how many times has this been 'announced' - two/three?

Parenting Orders - was that not first announced in September 2004?

Gordon Brown's speech ended by also re-cycling one of his 'slogans' - 'We will not walk away from the British people'.

Go on Gordon, try - its dead easy!
In fact the country is praying that you will, to put it politely, just sod off!

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