Sunday, 28 June 2009

Devolving Power (2)

Andrew Rawnsley, writing in the Guardian, discusses Gordon Brown's latest idea of devolving power to the people by the granting of 'entitlements'.

Leaving aside the obvious questions that Rawnsley raises on the question of redress when things go wrong, a far more important point is that of 'granting entitlements', one which exposes the failure of this government and, at the present time of writing that of the Opposition, due to the latter's silence on the details involved in the devolution of power.

Who do politicians think they are by deciding to 'allow' us a few crumbs from the table of power? As stated in the previous post, if politicians wishing to devolve power to the people, instead of mouthing platitudes, cannot realise and accept that only by enacting what Hannan & Carswell call 'true localism', then platitudes is all that they will be able to achieve.

They just do not 'get it' - do they?

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