Friday, 12 June 2009

Skewed Priorities

It has been felt, for some time, that this government has its priorities in some kind of illogical order, known only to themselves.

An example of this is demonstrated by David Milibland's post on the fact the last Friday was World Environment Day. Wow - how did this monumental day pass without anyone noticing?

Hailing 'stunts' such as raising awareness in China, encouraging a Walk & Ride day in Amman and installing a green roof on the embassy in Zagreb may well have provided work for bureaucrats - besides wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds on something which will have no immediate effect.

Would not that money have been better spent teaching these numpties how to be efficient? But Hey, don't worry your pretty little bureaucratic brains about the needless death of someone who fought to make sure you had the opportunity to practice the mind-numbing socialist methods of making life for the rest of us as difficult as possible - at least our Zagreb embassy has a green roof!

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