Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Light My Fire (2)

Further to the first post, it was felt this may be of interest.

"What is the definition of enclosed public places?

The precise definitions of "enclosed (or "indoor") public places" differ between the Member States. However, it is important that these terms are defined as clearly and inclusively as possible. The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control guidelines recommend that the definition of "public places" should cover all places accessible to the general public or places for collective use, regardless of ownership or right to access. It is further recommended that “indoor” (or “enclosed”) areas be defined to include any space covered by a roof or enclosed by one or more walls or sides, regardless of the type of material used for the roof, wall or sides, and regardless of whether the structure is permanent or temporary."

Notice the definition of 'public places' and 'indoor' or 'enclosed'?

Ok, Dick Puddlecote - over to you...........

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