Sunday, 21 June 2009

Speaker Beckett - Heaven Forbid!

On receipt of a query from the Fees Office who stated that they found claims for work in her garden possibly outside the requirements set out in the Green Book, Ma Beckett responds:

"We live in an old cottage – not the beautiful, strong, stone-built type, but the kind of thing you throw together for the farmworkers from the bricks you had when you knocked down the pigsty – and it requires a good deal of maintenance and repair."

Listen you supercilious, socialist apology for an MP, firstly what the hell has the materials from which your cottage is built have to do with upkeep of the garden? Secondly, who the hell are you - the equivalent of a farmworker, within the political field - to complain about inferior construction for what is obviously, in your opinion, someone from the inferior 'people'.

Thirdly, Madam, for someone who has failed dismally in every ministerial position you have held, what makes you believe you have the qualities, experience, or even nous to hold the position of Speaker?

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