Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Housing Plan Not Spin?

What has the government done, if not 'spin' the announcement of Gordon Brown in Parliament yesterday? He said: "......we can now also reform social housing allocation - enabling local authorities to give more priority to local people whose names have been on waiting lists for far too long."

Yet local authorities have had this option, according to the BBC. which also states: "The DCLG spokeswoman did not reply to requests to name any councils which do not already award extra points to applicants with a local connection, or who have been on the waiting list for a long time.Neither did she outline any specific changes to existing council guidance on prioritising local people." A spokesman for the Local Government Association has also confirmed that it is already the case that most local councils favour people who live in the area. They already award more points to local people."

Bearing in mind the Human Rights Act and our subservience to the European Court of Human Rights rulings, plus the fact that any European citizen, resident in Britain, has the same right to access the 'services' provided by Britain as does a British national; might one not see the odd court case or two?

Just a thought........

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