Monday, 29 June 2009

A Hodge Podge

So yet again we have another 'Brown Re-Launch' with a document entitled 'Building Britain's Future'.

As an initial aside, Britain may well have a future - and not a rosy one at that - but it is obvious that this government's only future will be forming the Opposition! But then I digress - again! has picked up on the fate of Margaret Hodge when she suggested, back in May 2007, that there was a need for social housing policy to take account of length of residence, citizenship and national insurance contributions.

Besides the usual condemnation from the 'left' Crudas, Hain and Livingstone - one other person also condemned Hodge's remarks - Alan Johnson who made the accusation that talk of that nature was the language of the BNP.

So BNP policy is now official Labour government policy?

Well I never!

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