Saturday, 13 June 2009

Wasting Money?

Amongst bloggers Mark Wadsworth stands out on the matter of highlighting 'fake-charities', the latest uncovered by him being The Family & Parenting Institute, nearly £15.77million of their total income of £17.77million coming from central government.

Fake-charities are but one example of the bureaucratic growth that has taken place under the present government. Whilst it is well known that other areas where taxpayer's money is 'wasted' is on, for example, Regional Development Agencies, Regional Government Offices and a forthcoming increase in MAAs; another area in which it is reported bureaucratic growth has mushroomed is amongst local government and Whitehall - in the name of diversity and political correctness it can only be assumed; but without doubt as a result of immigration.

£50million spent on translating documents into foreign languages on such a range of subjects and for the benefit of 'minority' groups as beggars belief - and some of these, it is stated, are never read!

"Carers’ Assessment – Bengali, Hindi, Kurdish, Punjabi, Somali
Caring for Carers – Hindi FAQs about the new secondary school – Polish, Somali, Turkish
Haringey Women’s Directory – Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, French, Kurdish, Somali, Spanish, Urdu Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Service Directory – French School transfer leaflet – French, Kurdish, Polish, Romanian, Somali Supporting People [help for vulnerable adults] – Kurdish, Somali Traveller leaflet – Polish

All produced by Haringey council and distributed through its website, which recorded zero downloads in each case."

A spokesman for Haringey Council is quoted as saying “Haringey has some 193 different languages spoken......." It is appreciated that Britain has become a multi-cultural society but, Christ on a crutch, 193 different languages? Within one local authority area?

And when were we taxpayers asked if we would provide £50million of our money for a service to benefit the 'underprivileged' members of our society, a service which it seems the majority of said 'underprivileged' don't wish to use? No doubt some 'crat will decide that is due to the service not being widely known and so decide to spend more of the taxpayer's money publicising it!

When one considers the 'benefits of immigration' that our politicians are so fond of reminding us, then take into account the 'costs' of fake-charities, government quangos and the rest also, no doubt, providing 'translation services', the figure of £50million must be but the tip of the iceberg. Add in the additional 'costs' to our public services, such as health, education, law & order and it would then also be reasonable to believe that the 'disadvantages' start to outweigh the 'advantages'.

An article by Max Hastings in the Mail highlights the problem of immigration in this country and the possible reason why the BNP gained the votes it did.

"Some 24 per cent of all births in this country are to foreign-born mothers." and "Today, there are 300 primary schools in England where more than 70 per cent of pupils - nearly half a million children - use English only as a second language." and "....there are estimated to be 725,000 illegal immigrants in the country, 518,000 of these in London."

What began, and was intended to be, a post on the subject of bureaucratic waste of money has mutated into a rant on the subject of immigration - for which no apology is offered!

Of all the reasons contained in the argument against membership of the European Union, surely immigration and the need for 100% control of our own borders is one of the most important.

Politicians of the three main parties are aghast at the rise of the BNP, wonder how on earth it has happened and what they can do to counter said rise. In answer to the latter point, perhaps if the three main parties took their 'heads out of the sand' and actually discussed immigration and its consequences, it would be a start! It is also possible to suggest that the reason they are unable to see what is under their noses is that their noses have been, and possibly still are, buried too deeply in the trough!

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