Thursday, 25 June 2009

Jim Knight - Hypocrite

Jim Knight has accused the Leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, of being 'opportunistic' over the matter of expenses repayments.

This is the man who, according to the Telegraph's supplement published last weekend, is quoted as:

"After the move he charged £3,996 for legal fees, then bought household goods including a leatherette shoebox for £14,99, a vacuum cleaner for £89.99, a wine rack for £14,99, an ironing board for £39.99 and an oven glove for £6.99 and also a Dell computer for £571."

No, Mr. Knight, the only one being 'opportunistic' is you for having 'stuck to the rules' and used taxpayer's money to 'feather your own nest'.

The words 'stones', 'glass-houses' and 'throw' immediately spring to mind, you hypocritical b*****d!

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Your blog is a feasting ground for pedants and for hyrocrites!