Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Labour Duplicity

Greg Hands, Member of Parliament for Hammersmith & Fulham, has a revealing tale on Convservative Home involving a visit by Gordon Brown and Ed Balls to a school in his constituency, which in turn raises a number of disturbing aspects.

Besides not following Commons Conventions and Courtesies, having an employee from a minister's office informing the MP that he is 'not invited' and also dissuading the Leader of the Local Council that he too was not welcome, it is the effrontery of suggesting that the visit should not be have a 'political' overtone that is the height of duplicity.

If arranging for an ITN camera crew to attend what is an event in the launch process of a government initiative does not make said event 'political', then what does?

'Izzet' not a case that a 'Labour Fixer' is presumably being employed as a civil servant, at taxpayer's expense, to arrange a political event?

Besides not demonstrating the ability to organise a 'celebration at a brewery', this PR exercise by Brown and Balls is but another example of governmental error in presentation and, it may well be argued, contains an overtone of 'Stalinism'.

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