Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Miliband 'ForSec' Needs To Grow Up!

Our Forsec has a post which can only be described as childish in nature, ending with the words: 'So there', (I think he forgot to also put Na, Nan Ne Na Na at the end). I need not remind everyone that this man is supposed to be the holder of one of our highest offices of state - and it is about time he started acting like it!

David Miliband and his 'colleagues' in the EU would not know 'common sense' if 'it stood up and slapped them in the face' - and as for 'subsidiarity', he and they can take that and file it where, as our American cousins say, 'the sun don't shine!'

I have never understood socialists and their desire to 'regulate' - whatever man does, whether that be speaking, thinking or, in this case producing misshapen vegetables and fruit, it has to be 'regulated'.

Why can these idiots not realise that the 'market' will decide whether, in the example our ForSec discusses, it will accept 'curvy' cucumbers. If the public don't buy them the producers will take the necessary action, without some bloody bureaucrat deciding it for them!

Oh, and by the way Mili-idiot, that would also save this country one hell of a lot of money too!

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