Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Osborne Accuses

According to Nick Robinson, the government is denying the Opposition access to information that they say they need in order to 'plan for government'.

Osborne alleges that access to the Combined Online Information System (COINS) is being denied them and claims:

"Gordon Brown is denying to the opposition the information on individual spending items in the government Budget that would help us plan for government, help us plan for dealing with the debt crisis. He has denied us access to that information. That makes our life as an opposition more difficult, but more to the point for the country, it means the country doesn't know the truth about where their money is going."

Never mind that the Opposition are denied this information, it would seem that we the public are also denied access, thus unable to see where our money has been spent.

So Gordon, where does this leave your 'trans-pair-ency' then? Appreciating the fact you are being 'left' behind in the popularity stakes, surely, even with only one eye, you can see that your attitude is not 'right'?

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