Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A Little Man In A Big Chair

So John Bercow has managed to get himself elected to the great office of Speaker of the House of Commons - with the number of votes that almost equates with the number of Labour MPs.

One can but hope that he does well in his new role, but it galls that one who is far from blameless in 'Expensegate' should consider it necessary, in his 'acceptance/victory' speech, to waffle on about MPs being elected to serve the country, rather than 'line their pockets'.

One also wonders whether he will immediately stamp his authority on the House by ensuring that PMQs does mean Gordon Brown actually answering questions, rather than delivering a speech totally unconnected with the question; and whether he hauls the first minister to 'leak' an announcement to the press into the Commons for a 'ticking-off'.

It also seems that, if Nadine Dorries has her way, Bercow only has the job till June 2010!

Time will tell - either way I still consider him an odious little man!

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