Friday, 4 December 2009

The Albion Alliance

Anyone who has logged on to the website of The Albion Alliance will know that an attempt is being made to have candidates at the next general election sign up to two basic political aims.
1. To address the democratic deficit in the current political system by ensuring that MPs place country before political party.
2.  To ensure that MPs agree to actively sponsor, promote and support, a Bill in Parliament that allows a referendum of the British People on membership of the European Union.
They are also being requested to sign a 'pledge':
I pledge to work tirelessly to give the voters of my constituency a democratic and direct voice in the United Kingdom’s continued relationship with the EU.
I pledge that I will support any motion for a referendum on that continued relationship, and to vote positively for any Private Members Bill that may call for such a referendum, written in clear concise terms, irrespective of Party Whip and to promote the same, with a view to the successful outcome of this pledge within 1 year of a new Parliament or sooner.
There are two politicians, the authors of 'The Plan', to which it was thought the above aims would have been a 'given'; namely Douglas Carswell MP and Daniel Hannan MEP. Whilst these two politicians have been contacted more than once by e-mail - and comments posted on their blogs requesting they 'sign up' - it is disappointing to note that neither The Albion Alliance, nor those commenting on their blogs, have elicited one response from either of them either for or against the stated aims.

There can be only one reason for this; (a) they have been 'muzzled' or similarly, (b) they have been informed that any 'rebellion' would result in their deselection prior to the general election. These reasons, which it can be argued are perfectly valid, only demonstrate that the leader of their party, like those of the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, are determined to enforce this country's membership of the European Union on the electorate regardless of what the electorate wish. This could well be the reason why, to date, not one candidate standing for the three main political parties, who have replied to e-mails from The Albion Alliance, have agreed to the requested aims.

All politicians talk a great deal about 'devolving power', giving control of services to the people, of 'setting them free' from state diktats; yet not one of them will publicly state their belief in true 'direct democracy'. Not one politician will admit that their environmental and energy policies exist purely to comply with EU directives and regulations. Not one politician will admit that the regionalisation of this country is being implemented to comply with the EU 'NUTS' programme. Not one politician will agree that, if elected, they would be able to implement policies that the electorate wanted.

And politicians wish to be liked; to be respected, to be considered 'Honourable'?

Until candidates sign the pledge requested by The Albion Alliance they will neither be liked, nor respected, nor considered 'Honourable'!

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