Sunday, 20 December 2009


An article in the Sunday Telegraph relates how Christopher Graham, Information Commissioner, is determined to ensure that public officials who 'delay' Freedom of Information (FOI) requests face prosecution.

With a staff of 300 and a budget of £16million per annum, why is he and his quango even in existence? Is a situation describing such delays not something that an MP could raise in the House of Commons and then the MPs amend the law? Are not MPs elected to administer the 'workings' of this country? And if not, why the bloody hell do we elect them?

In any event the situation whereby who is liable to FOI requests is laughable. To take one example, Housing Associations are not liable to FOI requests as the government does not classify them as public bodies; yet they are funded by public money, which in itself must make them a public body!

Just a thought.......

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