Thursday, 17 December 2009

Telegraph Censorship?

Why would the Daily Telegraph try and hide the fact that Gordon Brown is a fool? The only reason one asks is that clicking on the 'UK Politics' link on their news page brings up a story that Gordon Brown led Al Gore into a broom cupboard. When clicking on the story the result is this page which in turn informs one "sorry we cannot find the page you are looking for". Clicking on the video link results in one viewing the same apologetic page.

Now it may be that once again the The Daily Telegraph has an IT problem, however if that is so all one can surmise is that it is a convenient coincidence. If it is not an IT problem then it is difficult to understand the 'blocking' when the country has known for some time that anything Gordon Brown touches, or has a hand in, tends to end in a state of farce.

Just wondering...........

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