Sunday, 27 December 2009

Who Didn't Think The Conservative Party Had Balls?

Well it has and a great many of them seem to be coming from their leader David Cameron, whose New Year Message has just been posted on Conservative Home.

"......most people in the country will be contemplating the prospect of months of electioneering with emotions somewhere on a scale between indifference and dread......". Probably David, because there is bugger all to choose between the three of you, coupled with the fact all three of you patronise, lie and attempt to 'con' - most appropriate word in the case of your party - the public with manifestos that are so loosely worded it gives you carte blanche to do what the hell you like.

"First and foremost it's because the expenses scandal is not a chapter that comes to a close as we move into a new year.  It is an ongoing reminder of a deeper breakdown in trust between politicians and the public.  And this has many causes. Politicians who think they have the answer to everything and just can't bear to leave people alone to get on with their lives. Politicians who can't bring themselves to recognise any good in their opponents and refuse to work together to get things done. Politicians who never admit they're wrong and never acknowledge that they've made a mistake.". It may well be all the examples you mention David, however it is also worth bearing in mind that the electorate is frustrated by politicians who 'dictate' on what they are allowed a say - as in a vote on continued membership of the EU? Perhaps it is also a fact that the electorate are fed up with politicians who put party above country. Oh and David: if you are unable to recognise and acknowledge those last two points, you have no right to stand for Parliament, nor to be trusted as a Prime Minister!

"I'm sure I've been guilty of these offences on occasions, and no doubt will commit them again.". You said it! And having committed them, you ask us to agree to your possibly doing it again? FFS!

"We've opened up politics through open primaries to select potential MPs and held open Cameron Direct meetings all over the country where people from all parties and none can come and ask me questions". You may have 'opened up politics' through open primaries, but you forget to mention that you have also restricted the choice of candidates to those of whom CCHQ have 'approved'; you may have held 'open' Cameron Direct meetings but the two I tried to apply for were mysteriously fully booked immediately they were annnounced! Surely not because of your popularity?

"Let's bring real change to Westminster and the whole political system.  A big part of that is about policy: policies to reform expenses and the way Parliament works; policies to redistribute power from the political elite to the man and woman in the street; policies to make government more transparent and accountable". Yes David, let us bring real change to Westminster and the whole political system. Let us start to govern ourselves once again, let us make Westminster what it used to be - worthwhile. Sod the smokescreen of expenses for a minute - let us reform the way Parliament works; let us have policies that really do distribute power from the political elite - aka you - to the man and woman in the street; let us make politicans more accountable. In fact, whilst you are 'at it', let us have a bloody referendum to find out whether we, as a country, do wish to govern ourselves!

"Let's at least recognise the good intentions of our opponents". Does that mean David, that you are going to stop 'dissing' parties like Ukip? I will believe that when I see it - and you might tell the rest of your shadow cabinet 'cabal' to desist too!

"Let's be positive about our own policies........Yes, there will be an election this year: that much is certain.  And we can be certain too that the arguments will be fierce.  But let's make it a good clean fight.  And once the battle is over, we will need to rise above our differences and come together because that is the only way - strong, united leadership is the only way - we will sort out Britain's problems, halt our decline, and give this country the success that I know we can achieve". You wish to be positive about your own policies - how about being honest about your policies. For example, how about admitting that your 'energy/green' policy is driven by directives from Brussels? You talk about 'leadership'- surely you mean 'followship' in that you have to 'follow' and implement orders from Brussels?

And David Cameron wants us to believe he 'gets it'? Sheesh!!!

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