Monday, 21 December 2009

Shooting To Kill

This story was brought to my attention by a friend who himself partakes in legal shooting events and which exemplifies the 'heavy handed' approach by our police.

For someone taking part in a legal sport to be locked up and have their DNA taken is surely wrong, especially when they are subsequently released. In situations such as those described in the article is it beyond the wit of the police officers involved to do a little checking on their phones prior to arresting the individuals concerned? As Christopher Graffius, from the British Association of Shooting and Conservation, intimates in the article, how long will it be before someone gets shot by the police 'in error'?

Another aspect to this story is the presence of 'trespassers' - were they arrested and handcuffed? They were, all things considered, the ones who were actually committing a crime.

This would appear to be yet another example whereby the traditions and customs of this country, which have been followed for years, have been emasculated by the present government with their inherent desire to control our lives.

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