Sunday, 20 December 2009

Nodding Dogs

Greg Stone, Liberal Democrat candidate for Newcastle East in the forthcoming general election, appears to have dropped a proverbial brick by commenting on the blog of Guido Fawkes. Having no wish to intrude in what is a LibDem 'family' matter no comment will be made on the views of Mr. Stone other than to say that in one respect at least he appears to be quite correct.

Describing one MP as a 'nodding dog' is an apt description for the vast majority of MPs, with one or two notable exceptions. With the present political 'hold' that parties have over their candidates MPs 'toe the party line' ad nauseam, regardless of their own views or those of the constituents they are supposed to represent. As an example, take the Conservative Party and the Cameron 'diktat' on Britain's membership of the European Union. Other than the likes of Carswell and Davies, the remainder allow themselves to be herded like sheep by the whip(pet)s, even thought it is a fair bet that a great number of them do not agree with Cameron.

This aspect of MP's behaviour is probably the most basic reason that politics has sunk to the nadir that it has, in that political parties put the needs of their party above the needs of their country. The time has surely come whereby the voters that fund this 'debasing' of our democracy took action and really thought about where they should cast their vote.

With no apology for repetition, it would be good were voters to log onto the home page of Albion Alliance from whence, in the side bar, they can access a data base of candidates standing in the general election and can then view those MPs who agree with the pledge that Albion Alliance are asking to be signed. This data base is as accurate as possible - the information having been taken from party websites - and is updated as and when candidatures are announced.