Sunday, 27 December 2009

'Telegram' Cable Does Not Understand Either

By way of explanation for those younger readers 'telegram' was another word for 'cable', a now outmoded form of communication which - in the case of our Vince - means the comparison is quite apt!

Like David Cameron, in his 'new year message' Vince Cable plays the MP's expenses angle as one reason why people are fed up with politics. He then continues to bemoan: "Another frustration is that the two-party ‘Punch and Judy’ model which most of us grew up with no longer corresponds to reality." trying to make the point his party -surely a 'minor' party - is 'frozen out' by the big two. Attempting to boost his party's standing he maintains that of those not intending to vote Labour or Conservative "About two-thirds of these ‘non-Lab Cons’ now support my party...". Dream on Vince, dream on!

What Vince Cable, along with most politicians, does not seem to realise is that we, the public, are totally fed up with all three 'main' political parties. We are fed up with their lies, their disregard for those who fund your lifestyles and their disregard for our country - a disregard exmplified by their adherence to EU membership.

Perhaps the highest compliment one can pay Vince Cable is to paraphrase one of his witticisms. 

Vince, we are fed up with 'Has-Bean' politicians of which you are one!


microdave said...

I'll second that!

David said...

The point is that Vince Cable doesn't come over as a politician. That's why he's so popular.

Witterings From Witney said...

David: He may not come over as a politician but to anyone 'in the know' he comes over as another incompetent politician!