Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sadiq Khan - Transport Minister

So our Transport Minister is starting to play the 'blame game', according to this report on Politics Home.

"........some local authorities “haven’t done what’s required” in the inclement weather conditions Britain has experienced" and "We have to ask ourselves whether it’s proportionate to spend all this money, whether as individuals or as a government."

Neither, Transport Minister, has the government done what's required in the inclement financial conditions Britain has experienced - created by the government of which he is a minister - and perhaps he 'khan' explain and justify whether it is proportionate to spend all the money the government has done on EU membership, support for Fake Charities, Quangos and the like.

Ye Gods!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Jesus wept, the cost of gritting the roads, dusting snow off Eurostar trains before they go into the tunnel is barely pennies when compared to all the losses that result from a failure to do so. And as you say, bugger all compared to all the hundreds of billions spent on the Quangocracy.

subrosa said...

Thank goodness I haven't heard this prat say that or there would be no TV in this house. Unbearably pompous ignorant individual - not a good mix at the best of times.