Monday, 21 December 2009

Three Talking Heads

The BBC reports that agreement has been reached between the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats for three 'debates' featuring each party's 'talking head'.

Details of the format, chairmen etc are as yet unknown, although it is interesting that the BBC states the audience will be one 'selected'. Perhaps, to be fair, the selection should be based on one qualification and this is of being a 'numpty', seeing as it is 'numpties' that will be listened to.

Will it be a debate or another version of the 'slanging match' so often seen at PMQs? Will Brown actually answer a question? Will they be asked to debate the rotten state of our country, democracy and politics? Highly unlikely in my opinion, as neither of the three seems to have the first idea of what country and democracy means!

Update: ITV will host the first chaired by Alistair Stewart; Sky has the second with Adam Boulton while the final one will be a BBC affair with David Dimbleby in the che chair.

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Goodnight Vienna said...

Each one will last about 90 minutes Mr W so you'd better have the Chablis and canapes on hand. They'll be historic, no doubt about it and I'm quite looking fwd to them in a masochistic sort of way.