Friday, 18 December 2009

Turning The Tables

Members of Parliament have been complicit in creating a scenario whereby the personal details of members of the public are on so many databases that it is virtually impossible to count them. As a result individual members of the public can no longer guarantee their personal privacy.

The Albion Alliance felt that it was only right, in the interests of fairness, that politicians - and would-be politicians - should have their own database which is accessible to the general public. Therefore, using a bit of the government's own propoganda methodology, perhaps MPs and PPCs should note:

We know who they are

We know where they are

Such a database is important when considering the basic question which candidates will have to answer, come the next general election - namely will they be willing to pledge that they will always put country above party and that they will at the earliest opportunity, but definitely within the first year of the new parliament, introduce or support a Bill calling for a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union.

While it is admitted the database is not yet complete, it is worth noting that the Albion Alliance is dependent on details the parties themselves publish. As and when candidates are announced, details are then transferred to the Albion Alliance website.

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