Monday, 28 December 2009

This Is Journalism?

Peter Hoskins, on the Coffee House, considers that one of the greatest issues of 2010 will be Iran.

No Sunshine, the greatest issue of 2010 that will affect Britain - remember Britain, the country you live in? - is the state of our democracy, or to be factual the lack of democracy.

Does Hoskins forget we are suffering from a political system in which the wishes of the people are ignored by the political elite, where the state assumes powers to enter our homes without the need for a warrant, where the state assumes the power to instruct us how we should think, speak and act, lest we offend a minority; where the state is feared by the people; where the people of the state cannot remove, or change, those who initiate three quarters of the laws by which the people live; where the state decides to provide the peoples money to further the aims of what can be described as the biggest swindle ever imposed on man; where justice now says one is guilty until proved innocent; and where our mainstream media do not report/inform/investigate/question what they are 'fed'.

And Hoskins has a potential 'laundry problem' considering Iran? FFS!

Either Hoskins is 'visually challenged' or he is taking the term 'Spectator Sport' to a new nadir!

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