Thursday, 31 December 2009

Dictatorship A La Cameron

For someone who professes he wishes to devolve power to the people - to let them decide their own future - David Cameron has an odd way of putting this wish into practice.

The Times reports that "The Tory leader has made clear to party members in Mr Bercow’s Buckingham constituency that he will eject anyone found helping Nigel Farage, standing for UKIP against the Speaker at the election".

On the basis that Bercow is not a Conservative (in more senses than one), that he is instead standing for re-election as the Speaker, by what right does Cameron intend to 'eject' anyone found helping Nigel Farage? Also it can be argued that voting for Farage is 'helping' him win the seat, so how will Cameron eject those people from his party? Or is this the end of 'free and fair' elections?

Neither is Cameron consistent in his views - firstly he decides that the people cannot have a promised vote on EU membership and then decides that people will vote for a specified reason and candidate!

And this man wishes to become Prime Minister? Ye Gods!

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