Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Joke Of The Year?

Charles Clarke: "Since 1997 Labour has built a stronger and fairer society and transformed the lives of millions of people for the better".

Well Charles, Old Chap  - if by 'a stronger and fairer society' and 'transformed the lives of millions of people' you mean that people can no longer say what they feel for fear of causing distress (imagined or otherwise) to a minority group; if you mean that we are now exhorted how we should behave, act and speak by unelected and unaccountable 'placemen (or placewomen); if you mean that children are being asked to report on their parent's lifestyle; if you mean the country has been bankrupted by an incompetent politician; if you mean that virtually our every action is captured on a CCTV camera; if you mean that our political system has been undermined by politicians putting party before country; if you mean that we are now governed by the most self-opiniated, underqualified apologists for what is termed a government; if you mean that our independence as a soverign nation has been emasculated by one man's decision to hand that sovereignty to a cabal of equally self-opinionated, underqualified bureaucrats; if you mean that your party has introduced so many laws that has resulted in the word 'freedom' now becoming virtually redundant; if you mean that your party has introduced and implemented so many policies without fully understanding the ramifications and probable outcome; if you mean that your party, having been elected on various manifestos, then decides not to honour the pledges contained in those manifestos; if you mean that your party deliberately set out to change the demographic make-up of this country without first asking the permission of the people; if you mean that your party has almost eradicated the customs and traditions of this country - then you are probably correct.

My only problem is your use of the words 'for the better'!

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Captain Ranty said...

You go too far, WfW.

Why, just 30 days ago they made all 61 million of us dual citizens! They removed the need for a monarch, and themselves! On the same day!

It's not every day we are witness to such crass stupidity.

Surely they deserve an award or something???