Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Iraq Inquiry/ Brown's Testimony - Political Reaction

So, we have Hague 'condemning', citing 'openess and accountability', and Davey 'appalled', at the situation whereby Gordon Brown will not testify at the Iraq Inquiry until after the general election.

It is necessary that one questions the motives behind the publication of these views. Is it really a political 'complaint', or is it just an opportunity to get one's name in print? It is not 'rocket science' that Gordon Brown would try 'every trick in the book' to avoid and delay his appearance before the Iraq Inquiry, so  why the 'outpourings of indignation' from the likes of Messrs Hague and Davey?

It is noticable that neither 'spokesman' will pass comment on the 'ceding of power' to the unelected and unaccountable EU! One has to ask where their 'priorities' lie when both their parties are vying to form the next 'government' - and the word 'government' is used in its loosest term - of the UK 

Just another WfW thought for Christmas.................

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