Saturday, 26 December 2009

And Another Thing

It is hoped that Tom Harris MP will forgive my using the title of his blog as a heading to this post, however it has just struck me - and ageing as I am means that the brain works slower, hence apologies if anyone has already raised this - how political correctness is not entirely logical.

In undertaking some reseach on the provision of housing for the elderly, I accessed the website of the Department of Communities and Local Government. Now the DCLG is not the only government website guilty of not being entirely logical, in fact just about every 'public body' site is too.

At the foot of one particlar page the DCLG states:

"If you require this publication in an alternative format (eg Braille or audio) please email the title and product code/ISBN of the publication, and your address and telephone number."

If one needs any document, posted on the web, in Braille, then presumably one is either unfortunately blind or 'visually challenged' -  and therefore cannot see the bloody website anyway!

Just a thought............

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Ray said...

Blind web surfers use text-to-speech browsers. That is why descriptive alt tags for images are important.