Sunday, 13 December 2009

Yet Another 'Initiative' From The Boy Dave

So David Cameron wishes to pass a law to ensure that MPs are subject to UK tax laws. Wow, that will 'clean up' Parliament - not!

Dave, Dave how about some laws which prohibit MPs making a personal financial gain when selling property that the taxpayer has effectively maintained; prohibiting an MP renovating a property just months before they possibly/probably need to seek alternative employment; from purchasing items, which are also paid for by the taxpayer, and which by no stretch of the imagination are essential for them to carry out their Parliamentary duties? If MPs are to have second homes then how about a law that only allows them to claim mortgage interest, utility bills, etc when they are actually not in residence?

Due to Britain's enforced membership of the EU it is appreciated that the areas in which you are able to enact new laws are pretty limited Dave - however, is it too much to ask that where you are so able, that you put a little thought into the exercise?

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James Higham said...

How about a bloody referendum?