Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Easy Way To Make Money

Robert Mendick - unfortunate choice of surname and one that does not quite work when considering equal opportunites - writing in the Sunday Telegraph homes in on a Taxpayers Alliance report which shows that the head of a quango earned the equivalent of nearly £5,000 A DAY.

"The FSA questioned the TaxPayers’ Alliance findings, pointing out that whilst the chairman needed to work only part-time to earn his salary he had put in far longer hours for no extra reward to get the country through the banking collapse".

And so I should bloody well think - lets face it, for that sort of money most ordinary people have to work for at least six months! 

Oops, forgot - this is Socialist Britain, the one where, when the Socialists go to the loo, they have to whistle to remember which end to apply the loo roll!

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