Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Missing The Point

Tom Harris, Labour - Glasgow South, runs what is at times an interesting blog and generally makes some extremely interesting points. His latest post is about what he calls 'The Angry Brigade' who at times resort to abuse when posting comments.

Mentioned in this post is the fact that the EU question does not raise its head in conversations he has with his constituency and questions whether everyone is as angry with Labour as some make out. Tom Harris features in a short video in which MPs explain their reasons for entering Parliament and unfortunately he demonstrates a belief which is akin to having his head stuck in the sand. In this video he says he entered politics to be part of the place where power rests in this country. Err, Tom, never heard of Brussels, because that is where the real power lies.

He also seems at a loss to understand why people are so fed up with Labour and, to a certain extent, politicians in general. Well maybe Tom it is because we are fed up with having almost every detail of our lives controlled by quangos over which we have no control, fed up with the political correctness being forced down our throats at every opportunity, fed up with the emasculation of our traditions and customs, said emasculation having been engineered by his party, fed up with politicians handing the control of this country - and thereby our lives - to an unelected and unaccountable cabal in another country, fed up with having been 'taken for a ride' by politicians creating for themselves a lifestyle that ordinary people can only dream about, fed up with politicians putting the interests of their party before those of our country, fed up with having a 'political scam', aka Climate Change, forced upon us with no opportunity to vote for it, fed up with having 'diversity' force-fed us, and in what is perceived to be a one-sided way, and generally fed up with too much government.

Party politics being put to one side Tom Harris seems a reasonable chap, however it is depressing that even he does not have the capacity to understand why people are so angry, which is probably due to the fact he, as with politicians in general, really do live in a different world


microdave said...

That's an excellent set of "Fed Up With" quotes, I might have to copy and keep them handy - just in case we ever get a candidate calling round here!

Witterings From Witney said...

MD, thank you - if you need any more I have an unending list!

Captain Ranty said...

Tom's constituents are the happiest in a land overflowing with happiness, joy and utter contentment.

He has also said in the past that they never mention the smoking ban, Expensegate, inept MPs, or in fact, anything that the rest of the (real) world is actually discussing.

Amazing that.