Saturday, 12 December 2009

Labour Have Lost the Right to Govern

So says David Cameron, Leader of the Cameron Party, on The Blue Blog.

"If anyone needed one more reason to believe it’s time to get rid of the Labour politicians running our country, this week’s behaviour gave every reason that could possibly be needed."

A great pity then Dave that you and your party have not yet earned the right, nor showed the ability, to replace Labour; especially as, like Labour, you are content to remain subservient to the European Union. 

What we need Dave is a government beholden to the British people, not another set of self-centred, political-minded 'dictators' instructing the people how to act, think and speak!

Until you show the 'cojones' to take a few, much needed, decisions for the good of Britain and our democracy then you are no different to the present collection of crooks and dishonourable political representatives that passes for the Labour Party. Note, Dave, that when talking about 'democracy' it is not just the European Union that matters. You could, for a start, deselect any candidate standing for your party who has misused public money where parliamentary expenses are concerned; you could, for a start, give an undertaking that you and your party will always put country before party - if Lord Pearson on behalf of Ukip can, then so could you; you could, for a start, promise to introduce real 'direct democracy' by really devolving power to local people, as outlined in 'The Plan', rather than doing no more than 'tinkering' with the issue - once again if Lord Pearson on behalf of Ukip can, so could you.

You are right on one point though Dave and that is not to take a Conservative government, following the General election, as a 'given'. You may well end up still on the Opposition benches or in a hung parliament situation.

And you will have only yourself to blame!

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