Thursday, 10 December 2009

Foreign Ministers 'Banned' By EU

So reports Adam Boulton of Sky News.

"Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, who is the last national leader to chair a summit before Van Rompuy takes over for good, has told national foreign ministers that they are no longer welcome because High Representative Ashton will represent them all when leaders gather."

This is no more than "consolidation of the superstate and to hell with the nation state'!

But of course Brown & Co - and I include Cameron & Co - did not see that coming?????

Hey ho!

Afterthought: One has to wonder which branch of the MSM will even bother to report this snippet of news!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ell, Sky did, and you did.

But Murdoch/Sky have a weird symbiotic love-hate relationship with the EU, so next time this happens it'll be just you, I suppose.

James Higham said...

Well, we three all did.