Sunday, 13 December 2009

A Pointless, Costly, Political PR Stunt?

The BBC reports that Gordon Brown visited Afghanistan (again) in order to tell us "I wanted to see what was it was like working with them". Oh, and he held talks with Karzai and looked at some new bits of kit - which he could have done from here by means of a telephone and looking at the new kit before it left. 

'Working with them'? WTF! Sorry - Yeah Yeah Gordon, we all believe you donned the gear, grabbed a rifle and tried to get yourself blown to smithereens by a roadside bomb - of course you did. And in that as in just about everything you have done, had you, you would undoubtedly have failed.

And, no doubt, you managed to 'massage' the carbon credits you needed to get out there (and back, unfortunately) so that no accusations can be laid at your door about the increase in CO2 emissions caused by your plane -, the same way you have 'massaged' every other statistic.

Gordon, you may be a complete fool but please don't assume the British public are too!

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