Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day Daily Telegraph News Round-Up

Some 'News' stories appearing in today's edition:

Smokers give up to an NHS tune: unfortunately no link, but the small article relates how the 'NHS Smoking Quit Kit' contains free MP3 downloads of calming music. That should make all potential quitters 'quaver' with anticipation in being able to 'stave' off the need for a nicotine-break!

The Tories are set to clear the streets of 'plastic bobbies' according to this report on the basis they are 'useless'. No chance then the Tories might legislate to clear Parliament of 'plastic politicians' on the basis they too are bloody useless.

Could this be the last Boxing Day with a hunt ban: Apparently the Tories are set to appoint a new Regulator (thats right - another bloody quango) to oversee hunting, should the present law be overturned were the Tories to form the next government. Presumably to assuage the anti-hunt brigade amongst MPs - and also to 'fox' the present government?

James Lewis of Wembley, Middlesex has a letter of substance in today's paper. The 'headline' to his letter presents me with a problem in that in the midst of my sixth decade I wonder how many years I have left in which to find one that stands up to scrutiny.

To cap the foregoing - which it is hoped will be agreed was humour - we have some real humour tonight on BBC2 at 2100 hours with the M&W Christmas Show.


James Higham said...

Well, that was all vital to know, WfW.

Witterings From Witney said...

So I was bored........