Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Albion Alliance

The Albion Alliance says the fight must go on.
In April we wrote to you with the following:
"Well Gordon Brown has finally gone to see the Queen, Parliament has been prorogued and the MP’s are no more. Many have stood down and will disappear like the mist, others will be standing again along with a host of new candidates all looking for your vote in this all important General Election to be held alongside the local authority elections on the 6th May 2010."
It is now history, The election was held, resulting in a hung parliament and after a lot of wrangling a new Coalition Liberal Democrat/Conservative Government has emerged to try to govern the UK and to weather the storm of the financial crisis that is hitting home right across Europe and to repair the broken and nearly bankrupt economy of Britain.

The Albion Alliance decided that we should stand back, hopeful that this eclectic mix of political minds would have the guts and the ability to make the changes that are necessary to Britain’s future. Over the following weeks however, one thing became very clear, that this new government, or any UK government is struggling with the fact that it is working with one hand tied behind its back.  It no longer has ownership of the very powers needed to make the changes that the UK needs in order to rebuild itself.

An example of this is one of its early decisions to scrap the HIPS scheme. Laudable but limited, as it soon discovered that it could not scrap it in its entirety as the section of this scheme known as the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is not a UK statute but an EU Directive (EU/2002/91/EC) which this government does not have the power to remove.

Over the coming weeks and months, as a new Chancellor tries to get to grips with the economy of this country, as the new cabinet in every department and area of government is going to be met time and time again with these EU directives, that will make it virtually impossible for any UK government to govern properly and to put forward the policies that we will need for recovery.

There have been over the years, entered into EU and thus UK law, upwards of 120,000 of these EU Directives and Regulations that will stand as road blocks to recovery. The majority of the voting public already know that the EU is the problem not the solution, yet the unelected Eurocrats are still trying to take more powers, to centralise that power in Brussels and diminish further the ability of the British Government to do what is right for its own people.

If Britain is to survive this economic storm, if it is to survive and become competitive in the world again, it can only do so if its government has a truly free and powerful hand in determining all of our law, all of our policies and the ability to implement them with the consent of the people.

There are many in the public eye, notably Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell who have been alluding to this stand against the EU, in fact they have written many column inches between them advocating a campaign which they are urging you to follow. We at the Albion Alliance have been asking them to detail what this campaign stands for, what its aims are, and what action will be taken and by whom to move the campaign forward. There has been silence. A lot of words but no actions. We are not convinced that these two are actually going to do any more than talk and simply provide a banner for all EU sceptics to rally behind, but a banner with no intention of actually doing anything.

We feel that two people like Hannan and Carswell get enough media attention but unless it is used properly it will dilute all other calls for a EU referendum and nothing will happen. Who knows?  Maybe that is the intention.  To provide a stalking horse to keep us all busy. So far it seems to be how it is working and that is why we believe that it is now time to “fire up the Quattro” and get The Albion Alliance back on the road, and we are looking for your support in making that happen.

But before we do that, we are going to invite you all to make comment on the previous campaign run by The Albion Alliance, to tell us what you think we did right, where we went wrong, what could be improved. Please write to us at media@albionalliance.org.uk with any comments that you may have, we wont be offended by your bluntness, democracy is too important for bruised egos.

Good luck and our best wishes
The Albion Alliance team.


The big question now is:  Should David Cameron call an In/Out Referendum on the EU?
Judging by his latest report to MPs, it is something not yet on his mind. It is up to us to change that mind.

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