Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Qualified Question

Gerald Warner posts on the matter of Special Paid Advisers (SPADS) and in particular, Andy Coulson, David Cameron's special adviser.

This brings to the fore the question of why politicians should need to employ these 'Special Advisers' in the first place - and at the expense of the public purse. As long as we continue to appoint to ministerial office those with no qualifications for the portfolio for which they are charged to manage, then the situation will continue. Witness John Reid, who during the 'reign' of Tony Blair, held seven cabinet posts in the same number of years - and he was qualified for every one?

When readers have a minute or two start examining the careers of our present-day politicians across the political spectrum - you will find that most of them have never had a 'proper' job and have progressed from school/college/university to 'party worker', to 'bag-carrier' for a minister, to MP.



Anonymous said...

The reason they need SPADS is that politicians are thick.

Witterings From Witney said...

A, you missed out two words:

As sh*t!