Thursday, 10 June 2010

EU Commission sponsors Global Governance Programme

At 11.30 a.m. on 18 June, President José Manuel Durao Barroso will deliver a speech at the Badia Fiesolana near Florence, entitled “European Union and Multilateral Global Governance”.
This is the Inaugural Lecture of the new Global Governance Programme at the European University Institute.
I await with interest what this unelected Maoist Barroso has to say next week about why our tax money is being spent training our youth in the dark art of Global Governance.
This is what the European University Institute has to say about this course.
A specific programme of formation and training of European intellectual and policy elites on global governance issues is absent at the European level. The Global Governance Programme (GGP) is meant to contribute to the understanding and knowledge of global issues; to contribute to academic and policy debates on global governance; to train new generations of scholars, public officials, and practitioners; and to encourage interaction between academics, policy makers, journalists and activists. In a nutshell: to increase the European critical mass on global governance and to reinforce the European imprint on the debates taking place at the global level.
The Programme pays particular attention to the EU’s position and role in Global Governance as a natural extension of its regional integration and in particular to the European experience in designing effective multilateral rules and institutions. It will also discuss the GG efficiency and legitimacy of the EU external representation as based on the Nice (/Lisbon) constitutional framework.
The GGP focuses the existing resources available at the EUI/RSCAS and aims at enlarging the faculty to reinforce the global character of the EUI and its role in shaping the debates on those issues.
The Programme encompasses some of the already established areas of research at the RSCAS, such as financial stability, energy, migration, and development assistance, and will progressively extend to other global issues such as trade, human security, global regulation, health, international security. The GGP also foresees the establishment of a European Academy of Global Governance devoted to top level training, discussion and debates and the setting up of a Monitoring Unit on Accountability and New Social Risks in the Context of Globalization.
The Programme is directed by Miguel Maduro| and begins its activity in 2009/2010 with the attribution of a number of post-doctoral fellowships to junior researchers in the field.
Not once does it mention freedoms, rights, democracy, public, electorate or citizens, for all these things will become inconsequential in a Global Government run by the unelected in the same manner that the EU is run, you only need read my previous post to be assured of that. This is being run by the unelected Euro elite for the elite.
It is reasonable that I ask that this is brought to the attention of a wider audience, because you understand that no-one has ever voted for this, no-one democratically elected has ever approved this, yet the Commission is spending your tax money on furthering its own aims of Global governance.
The public have never approved the EU, they do not want it, but Global Governance run by unelected Marxists and Maoists takes the democratic deficit to a whole new level.
note: when the EU speaks of governance, they actually mean government as highlighted by Adrian Michaels in his Telegraph article yesterday.
I am looking forward to another round of the European Commission’s “asymmetric translation” in any press release issued after the talks. This was the brilliant phrase coined by Herman van Rompuy, EU president, to describe how it was that a certain document referred to economic “governance” only in its English version and economic “government” everywhere else, with the different levels of federal power such a change of words would imply.
I know that I have been writing about this for years, trying in vain to warn people to the dangers that lie ahead, I only hope that now presented with proof positive you will finally do something….
Put that to Cameron and Clegg for explanation.

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James Higham said...

I await with interest what this unelected Maoist Barroso has to say next week about why our tax money is being spent training our youth in the dark art of Global Governance.