Friday, 11 June 2010

Anna Raccoon Nails It!

Posting on the subject of 'Operation Black Vote' Anna Raccoon raises a very reasonable point, that were this to be called Operation White Vote' would it still be in existence?

Kinda shows that the 'equality' aspect of our laws are a tad 'one-sided', does it not? Or is that too 'coloured' an argument?

Actually, on the subject of 'colour', I can but echo the closing words of one of the most famous film scripts:

But I sure as hell do!


subrosa said...

I'm with Anna on this all the way too. Quite sick of this type of attitude being permitted. We already pay for a black police association etc.

Time I started a site for only Scots. But then we're a minority in the UK so can we get special privileges?

Auch I'll just accept independence WFW. :)

Witterings From Witney said...

SR, never mind independence for Scotland, I would like independence for England and a little personal independence too!E